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09-23-2019 - Gear, News

"Maybe it was me" by Sody - First Live Performance Music Video Shot on Sony FX9

By: Jeff Berlin

Directed by Charlie Sarsfield and photographed by Director of Photography Olan Collardy, Sony Music artist Sody gave a live performance in studio of her latest hit, “Maybe it was me”.

The music video was shot to coincide with the launch of the new, full frame Sony FX9. DP Olan Collardy paired the FX9 with Zeiss Supreme Prime lenses, taking advantage of the camera’s full frame sensor. For DP Collardy, color reproduction and skin tone are of paramount importance, and he was pleased with the results he achieved with the FX9. Regarding autofocus, he dialed down the AF speed in the menu to make it appear organic and human.

Below is a Behind the Scenes clip of the making of “Maybe it was me” by Sody.

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