Virtual Production
Virtual Production makes it possible to replace traditional greenscreen and bluescreen compositing and physical sets by using seamless LED walls as a backdrop, with the added benefit of capturing final pixel in camera.

Sony's Virtual Production Tool Set integrates Crystal LED walls with cinema cameras for an end-to-end solution. Cinematographers and directors can blend real sets and props with virtual backdrops to create new worlds and explore their vision.
Introducing Verona

VERONA Open House

Sony's latest cinematic production solutions, highlighted by the new Crystal LED VERONA virtual production display, were showcased to a packed house at Sony Pictures Studios' Stage 7 in Culver City, CA.

VERONA Crystal LED displays are specifically designed for production. High brightness enables more lighting flexibility for DPs. Their wide color gamut brings lifelike color and depth to the virtual stage. Shoot with more camera angles thanks to industry-leading black levels and anti-reflection surface. The rugged construction of VERONA panels make them easy to erect on-set in a variety of shapes and angles.

Industry-leading black levels and anti-reflection surface
High brightness: 1,500 cd/m2
Wide color gamut: > 97%* coverage of DCI-P3
Power efficient: Up to 30%* less than conventional LED *TBD
Verona Specs
Virtual Production Behind the Scenes
Killian's Game - Behind the Scenes
A virtual production using VENICE and Crystal LED
Behind the Scenes of "VISION-S 02 | Concept Movie"
A virtual production using VENICE 2 and Crystal LED
Virtual VENICE Plugin & Color Calibration Tool
Virtual VENICE camera and display plugin for Unreal Engine. See how accurate pre-viz can be created in Unreal Engine and deployed to the Virtual Production stage for precise color and camera settings. These tools will even identify and alert for possible moire and other issues.
Learn about the features and technology that make VERONA Crystal LED the best choice for Virtual Production displays.
Virtual Production Overview
Learn about the complete toolkit of Virtual Production solutions available from Sony, featuring VERONA Crystal LED display and VENICE cameras, Virtual VENICE Unreal Engine plugin, and more.
Plateau Virtuel
Sony, Plateau Virtuel and Studios de France reveal the inside story of Europe’s first Crystal LED virtual studio. A state-of-the-art 90m² screen offers world-leading image quality for premium film, commercial and TV production.
Resources for Filmmakers and Cinematographers
Software tools designed to work with Cinema Line cameras like VENICE 2 make for a complete Virtual Production solution. Easily integrate essential third-party components you need into your solution. Then capture smooth, natural tones and lifelike details, using a package designed in partnerships with world-class cinematographers and technical partners.
Camera and Display Plugin

Visualizing the on-set image in advance is hard and expensive. Reproducing that image during the shoot is even harder. Our plugin lets you design the picture you need for your VENICE-powered virtual production, then save these settings in our Virtual VENICE for Unreal Engine.

Let your Virtual Art Department create pre-visualizations that reflect the reality of your upcoming shooting with VENICE and LED volume. Share them with your on-set team for a smoother shoot and less issues while being in the on-set stage.

Transfer the defined parameters to your physical VENICE camera, preserving your creative vision. Monitor and control your VENICE settings via a simple GUI on Unreal Engine. Benefit from real-time moiré alerts for the shoot.

Color Calibrator

Calibrate the colors for your virtual production before you start to shoot, for more efficient shooting and less work in post- production. Solve LED color shifts in advance so you don’t need to deal with it on shoot days.

Precise color reproduction can be challenging for virtual productions, creating unnecessary adjustments on-set and corrections at post production. Color Calibrator is a Windows 10 application which is specially tuned to our VENICE cinema camera, so you can ensure that the colors you visualize before the shoot day match the colors that will appear in your dailies.

Display the color calibration chart on your LED volume, using the Sony Onset Camera Component (found in our Camera and Display Plugin for Unreal Engine). Color Calibrator analyses and compares the calibration charts from within Unreal Engine and the image that the VENICE camera captures from the panels. It then automatically shows the difference with a graph and vector scope. Easily create and output a LUT correction, which is applied to Unreal Engine to adjust colors.

More Virtual Production News and Stories

Shot on VENICE 2: How DP Pierre Gill Created the Magical, Natural Look of ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’

Shooting a gorgeous, natural world inside virtual production can be done – with the right DP and camera!

University of Arts London (UAL) to install Sony VERONA for Virtual Production

The new Sony Crystal LED VERONA Display will be installed in University of the Arts London's new state of the art Virtual Production Stage at London College of Fashion Campus at East Bank

Sony Electronics Announces New Crystal LED VERONA Virtual Production Focused LED Displays

The Result of Industry-guided Development, Crystal LED VERONA Simultaneously Achieves True Black Levels and Reduces Reflections, Enabling the Next Generation of Quality for In-Camera VFX Applications

NAB Show 2022 Virtual Production Special – Part 1

Watch a recap of our NAB 2022 virtual production show special with our experts David Morin from Epic Games, A.J. Weddings from Orbital Studios and cinematographer Christian Hererra.
Digital Media
Production Center

Visit the new Virtual Production Stage at the Sony Digital Media Production Center (DMPC) in Los Angeles, CA. Designed in partnership with Lux Machina, there are both flat and curved virtual production volumes to explore and experiment with. The stage incudes a VENICE 2 with 8K sensor, motion tracking by Mo-Sys, 2D plate playback by Pixera, and frame from Peerless AV.

Virtual Production with Sony Crystal LED

Sony partnered with EPIC Games and other industry experts to test Sony Crystal LED displays for virtual productions. This white paper compares the Sony Crystal LED with other LED displays for factors like moiré pattern, black level performance, and off-axis color shift, and explores their impact on the finished product.

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VERONA Crystal LED panels and Virtual Production Tool Set work in harmony with VENICE and VENICE 2 cinema cameras. Easily integrate essential third-party components like Unreal Engine. Capture smooth, natural tones and lifelike details, using a package designed in partnerships with world-class cinematographers and technical partners.

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