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11-28-2023 - News

FR7 Firmware Update Released

By: SonyCine Team

Since its release, Sony's first full-frame pan-tilt-zoom camera, the FR7, has been a huge hit in reality TV and live events. It's been used in this year's major concerts and even last year's Super Bowl Halftime Show. Now, Sony is pleased to announce a software update for the FR7. The new update, called FR7 Version 2.00, is available for free and enables new features in camera.

FR7 Version Unlocks New Features

FR7 Version 2.00 allows new features including:

  • Adds support for the free-d protocol for VR/AR systems

  • Adds support for 3rd party lens controllers to operate manual zoom lenses

  • Adds support for Zoom Sync (Synchronized transition of pan/tilt/zoom) when restoring a preset position

  • Adds support for adjustable Zoom/Focus speeds when restoring a preset position

  • Adds support for Stop function from Web App when restoring a preset position

  • Adds support for PTZ trace function to record/playback framing operation when restoring a preset position

  • Adds 709tone (color space ITU-R709 with display gamma 2.4), which makes it easier to set the color/gamma profile to professional cameras

  • Adds the following support for shutter control:

    • Remote Control Panel: RCP-1500/1501, RCP-1530, RCP-3100, RCP-3500/3501

    • Master setup unit: MSU-1000, MSU-1500 3000, 3500

    • Camera Remote Control Software: HZC-RCP5, HZC-CSM10

    In addition to the above features, Version 2.00 also 

    • Adds support for Movie file names in the Camera ID + Reel# format

    • Adds supports for Flexible ISO and Cine EI Quick in shooting mode:

      • Allows you to record S-Log3 content with exposure settings by adjusting the ISO sensitivity

      • Allows you to record at a base ISO setting the same as Cine EI, with the base ISO adjusted automatically in conjunction with EI value

    • When the shooting mode is set to Flexible ISO, Cine EI, or Cine EI Quick, adds support for recording a 3D LUT file to the same memory card with the base look used during shooting as the shooting data, at the same time

    • Adds more AF frame rates during Slow & Quick Motion

    • Adds support for RTMP/RTMPS protocols

    • Improves the operational stability of the camera


    Note: Refer to the link for details on all updated functions.

    To download the new firmware, visit this link


    *Sony provides the update firmware for free on our website.

    *Sony highly recommends for all customers to update the software, which makes your products keep in optimal condition.

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