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05-28-2024 - Gear

New FX6 Firmware Now Available

By: SonyCine Team

  The ILME-FX6 ver.5.0 firmware update is released today will include:

·       The addition of 1.5x de-squeeze function for anamorphic lenses

·       Integrated high-quality 3D LUT processes inspired by the VENICE cinema camera, which allows for more accurate color processing

·       Monitor & Control App v2.0 features (ex. Waveform, False color)

·       Breathing Compensation Expansion: More lenses will be supported including 100-400 GM and the 200-600 G lenses

Download the Firmware

To download the firmware, visit this link: ILME-FX6 System Software (Firmware) Update Ver. 5.00 (SD card/CFexpress card) | Sony USA

For a complete list of functions and notes see below:

Note: For customers using the Content Browser Mobile app:

Note: Refer to the Manual for additional details on all updated functions

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