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07-28-2020 - Case Study

Sony VENICE Captures the Action on the Latest Season of Last Chance U

By: SonyCine Team

This article is written by, and courtesy, AbelCine.

AbelCine sat down with DP Terry Zumalt and 1st AC Devin Keebler on Netflix's Last Chance U, a series that follows players from junior college football teams as they compete to reach the next level.

This cinematic series is shot with Sony VENICE, a robust camera chosen for its exceptional performance in the rough conditions faced by the crew during a typical season, including below-freezing temperatures, extreme heat, and other inclement weather. This season, the team utilized the Sony VENICE Extension System, allowing them to get right in players' faces for a truly immersive and emotionally charged viewing experience.

Watch the video of our conversation to learn more about Terry and Devin's experiences behind the scenes, and the technology they used to capture every shot for Season 5.  

BTS footage shot in Oakland, CA by Gabriel Mays on Sony a7 III with Sony 35mm lens (moving shots) and Jamie Alac on Sony FS7 and Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 (static shots). Interview footage shot at AbelCine in LA by Gabriel Mays and Jamie Alac on Sony VENICE (close-ups) and Sony F55 (wide shots) with ZEISS Supreme Primes.

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