11-10-2020 - Gear, Technology

ZEISS eXtended Data Workflow for the SONY VENICE

By: SonyCine Team


ZEISS eXtended Data technology provides frame accurate lens characteristics (distortion and vignetting or shading) for use in VFX. Lens characteristics can be recorded in the video files and passed to the post-production – this replaces the standard grids and grey card workflow that are both time consuming and inaccurate.


In this guide, you will learn how to record ZEISS eXtended Data on a SONY VENICE camera and how to prepare the recorded footage for using ZEISS eXtended Data in post-production.



The following guide is not a user manual, but an optional support document from ZEISS to improve your user experience and to show you possible uses and combinations of our product and ZEISS eXtended Data technology. Please always observe separate specific user manuals for equipment from SONY.


The VENICE user manual can be found HERE. Software from Pomfort will be found HERE.

ZEISS does not claim to declare the use of third party equipment (third party means all companies except ZEISS), nor do they accept any liability for damage resulting from misuse contrary to the instructions of the respective manufacturer.

Use ZEISS eXtended Data in post-production


For introduction on how to use ZEISS eXtended Data in post-production, please read the ZEISS eXtended Data plug- in Quick Guide. It can be found on the ZEISS website

The original link to this white paper can be found HERE.


Reprinted with permission.



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