Videomaker Magazine Cinematography Virtual Event

Join Videomaker for a free live virtual event featuring expert speakers, experienced insight and product demonstrations. Registrants will gain access to  exclusive content through an event prep kit. We will email you the link to join on the morning of the event.


This event will be hosted on Zoom. We will email you the link to join on the day of the event.


1. Directing Basics: Camera Angles and Editing w/ Michael Bulbenko of Fujifilm


About the presentation

Important foundation for all cinematographers and beginning directors in shot planning. Fujifilm's in-house video producer Michael Bulbenko will use shot clips and live editing demos to explain the essentials of shot planning to streamline setups and editing workflow.


2. Getting Started with HDR for YouTube w/ PhotoJoseph


About the presentation

In this session, learn the basics HDR for YouTube delivery! We'll start with shooting for HDR editing (featuring Panasonic LUMIX cameras), editing HDR content (featuring Final Cut Pro), encoding for HDR delivery (featuring Compressor), creating a custom HDR to SDR LUT for YouTube (featuring DaVinci Resolve), and finally, combining the video file and the SDR conversion LUT for YouTube delivery (featuring YouTube's command line tool)!


3. From VENICE to Xperia – Cinematography in the Sony Ecosystem with Sony Artisan Jeff Berlin


About the presentation

DP and director Jeff Berlin, a Sony Artisan, will discuss what went into making his most recent film, EL REY, a short boxing film about dedication and humility. He’ll detail how and why he leverages all of Sony’s cinema cameras, from VENICE to Xperia, and the FX3 and FX6 cameras used on EL REY.