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01-30-2020 - News

Breaking News! Sony FX9 joins Netflix’s Post Technology Alliance!

By: SonyCine Team

Netflix has approved the PXW-FX9 from Sony, just a month after the camera began shipping, to join its prestigious Post Technology Alliance. The Netflix program is designed to give filmmakers confidence that the equipment they use meets Netflix’s high technical standards in terms of resolution, image quality and capture requirements. FX9 is the eighth camera from Sony to join this alliance.

Announced at IBC 2019, the FX9 is the latest XDCAM camera from Sony, featuring a newly-developed 6K Full Frame sensor and enhanced Fast Hybrid Auto Focus (AF) system. Building on the success of the PXW-FS7 and PXW-FS7 MII, FX9 uniquely combines high mobility with an advanced AF system, impressive bokeh and slow-motion capabilities thanks to its advanced sensor. It also inherits its color science and Dual Base ISO (800 and 4000) from Sony’s Full Frame motion picture camera system VENICE, allowing it to deliver outstanding quality content that captures light and shade perfectly.

After meeting Netflix’s criteria, the FX9 joins seven other Sony cameras that are already part of the Post Technology Alliance:

        ● Four digital motion picture cameras from the CineAlta range, including the Sony VENICE.
        ● The FS7 MII super 35mm professional camcorder.
        ● The state-of-the-art live production HDC-4300 4K/HD system camera.
        ● The world’s first 4K HDR shoulder camera, PXW-Z450, with its 4K HDR 2/3-type CMOS sensor.

“We work closely with filmmakers to design tools that meet the evolving needs of the production community, commented Dan Perry, business development director for Imaging Products and Solutions Americas at Sony Electronics. “FX9 as the ultimate documentary camera is no different, and the fact that it’s been accepted into the Netflix Post Technology Alliance so soon after its release, is real testament to that collaboration.”

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