05-09-2019 - Technology

Daydream - The First High Frame Rate Film Shot on VENICE with Pre-release of Firmware Version 4.0

By: SonyCine Team

To highlight the new Full Frame, high frame rate functionality coming to VENICE with firmware V4.0, Jon Joffin, ASC made a short film about a warehouse worker dreaming of dance. The film, shot on location in Vancouver, BC, premiered at NAB 2019 in Las Vegas on Sony’s 8K 18’x32’ Crystal LED Display.

By SonyCine Team

Joffin shot “Daydream” in X-OCN ST, Full Frame 6K at 60 fps for playback at 24 fps. Lenses were the 50mm T2.3 and 75mm T2.3 Cooke Anamorphic/i Full Frame Plus lenses with a 1.8x squeeze ratio and a 135mm T2.3 Cooke anamorphic/i SF with a 2x squeeze. The film was color graded in Los Angeles for an HDR delivery by Tony Dustin at Technicolor. For the color grade, Sony supplied to Technicolor a Rec2020 PQ LUT. On set, Joffin monitored the SGamut3.Cine/SLog3 signal from the VENICE camera with a Sony BVM-X300 reference monitor.

Joffin reviewing clips on the Sony BVM-X300 reference monitor

Servicevision Scorpio head with VENICE capturing the action

VENICE with 50mm T2.3 Cooke Anamorphic/i Full Frame Plus lens

Jon Joffin, ASC

Scorpio head getting a low angle

Shooting from a Fisher dolly

VENICE underslung on the Scorpio head

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