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01-26-2024 - Gear

Now Available: Downloadable Presets for Sony FX30 camera

By: SonyCine Team

We’ve heard it before! It’s hard to navigate the menus – especially when you are just getting started or moving between cameras. So, we heard you and created presets for your Sony FX30, FX3 and FX6 cameras. This article is a guide for your FX30.

What is a preset?

The presets are downloadable files that can be installed into your camera to make the most popular menu functions easy to access via the cameras assignable buttons.

So, here are the downloadable presets for the Sony FX30: Link here

Here is how the "All File" will set up your FX30 camera:

  • The camera is set to Log Shooting - Cine EI, S-Gamut3.Cine/S-Log3
  • Your S&Q framerates have been set to- 48fps at a project framerate of 24, or 60fps at a project frame rate of 23.98
  • File naming has been set to - Cam ID + Reel#
  • My Menu1 has been customized with easy access to these menus: Marker Display, De-Squeeze Display, Format, HDMI Output Settings, HDMI Info. Display
    1. Please note, when HDMI Info Display is set to ‘On’ - you will lose picture on the VF LCD on FX30 when an external monitor is plugged into the HDMI.
    2. You will see OSD (Menus and camera info) in the external display.

  • Fn Menu - (after set up)
  • If you would like to customize your buttons and dials, press MENU>Operation Customize>Movie Custom Key/Dial Set>Set dials and buttons to your liking.

Now, here's how you install the "All File" into your FX30 camera.


  1. Download the file from Be sure to unzip the file. The folder structure should look like this:
  • Insert a CFexpress Type A or SD card into “Slot 1” of the camera.
  • Remove the media from the camera and insert it into your computer. Navigate to the media, the folder structure should look like this:


  • From the downloaded file, copy and paste the folder labeled “SETTING” onto the SD card in the “SONY” folder. Eject the SD card and insert it into the camera’s Media Slot 1
  • To load a file: Push MENU>Setup Menu>Reset/Save Settings>Save/Load Settings>Load>Media>Choose File>OK. Camera reboots.

  • FX30_239 - 23.98, XAVC S-I UHD (3840x2160)

  • FX30_24 - 24, XAVC S-I DCI (4096x2160)

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