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09-13-2022 - Gear, Technology, News

FX9: New Firmware Update Announced

By: SonyCine Team

Sony just announced the latest upcoming version of firmware for their FX9 camera – available this October. Based on feedback from filmmakers, FX9 Version 4.00 improves usability and cloud connectivity features.

Version 4.00 is free of charge and adds the following enhancements:

Bringing Content to the Cloud:  

  • Supports LUT File Import to Camera from Cloud
    • Manage created LUT files on the Cloud and the LUT files can be imported to camera.
    • Users can directly import from C3 Portal into FX9 – no need to use SD card.
  • Supports ALL File Import to Camera / Export to Cloud
    • Back up ALL files from camera to cloud.
    • Restore ALL files from cloud to camera.
    • Different camera settings (ALL files) can be managed on cloud and applied to camera remotely.
  • High-res Files Automatic Upload
    • Upload High-res files to C3 Portal automatically and create backup files

Workflow Improvement:

  • Supports LUT Data Saving to Memory Card
    • Can record the LUT date (Cube data) when shooting as clip metadata.
    • Easy to manage linkage and generate CUBE file.
    • Supported by Sony’s Catalyst Browse and Catalyst Prepare application. [Version: V2022.1]

And Improvements Made Thanks to Filmmaker Feedback:

  • Audio Level Meter Indicator Switching (Ch1.2 <-> Ch3.4)
  • Assigning Audio Monitor Selection to Assignable buttons
    • Adjust monitor volume with volume (monitor volume adjust ) buttons
  • Slow & Quick Motion and Proxy Recording (Proxy Recording mode not forcibly set to Off)
  • Assignable Buttons LED lamp On / Off mode
    • The lamp is lit when the assigned function is on, and not lit when the function is off.


SonyCine will have a full video on the new firmware update when it’s released.



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