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05-06-2024 - Technology

Need to View LUTs or Upload Footage from Set with the FX3 or FX30? Use the Newly Expanded Creators’ App

By: Oakley Anderson-Moore

What is the Creators’ App? If you’re not already familiar, it’s Sony’s free mobile app for tablets and smartphones that lets you control and connect your Sony camera to the Cloud. In the Cinema Line, the Creators’ App is compatible with the FX3 and FX30. For example, from within the Creator’s App, you can pair your smartphone and FX3, and then view and control the camera remotely.

The expanded Creators’ App, available on the App Store or Google Play, has added two big features to help filmmakers: the ability to import and install LUTs and camera to cloud upload without a phone or PC. 

Manage a whole LUT library for your FX3/FX30 from your phone

While every filmmaker tries to be as prepared as possible for a shoot, sometimes you just can’t tell how a LUT will look until you get on location. For documentary and live events, it’s even more of a moving target. Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily pull up a library of LUTs in the event that what you’ve preloaded on the FX3 or FX30 aren’t quite what you want? That’s one of the big new features in the expanded Creators App. 

Once set up, you can now manage your custom LUT library on your phone. LUT files stored in Creators' Cloud can be imported to the camera via your phone without using any PC and SD card.

Send footage from set to the Cloud without a phone or PC

Have an editor waiting for dailies? Or just looking to backup your precious footage and photographs? 

Once you connect your camera to Creators’ Cloud storage, you can actually upload photos and videos directly to the Cloud without needing to do it via your smartphone. As a Sony camera user, you get 25 gigs of storage free with Creators’ Cloud, and if you need to upload more than that in a go, you can upgrade to a 100 or 500 gig plan.

Send footage straight to your smartphone for an instant social media edit

And if you are keen to use your smartphone in the process, you can also transfer photos and videos to a smartphone both via Wi-Fi or wired connection. Concerned about wireless reliability in the field? Not to worry, you can use a USB cable for even extra stability. This is super useful to share with people on your team, not to mention those of you who need to edit and publish content straight to social media.

For all of these new features to work using the Creators’ App, make sure you’re using the most recent firmware update! Supported cameras include the FX3 (Ver.5.00 or later) and FX30 (Ver.4.00 or later). You can find the latest firmware update for the FX3 here and FX30 here.

Want to try it out for yourself? Download the Creators’ App on the App Store or Google Play.

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