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02-08-2024 - Technology

New Firmware Released for VENICE 2 digital cinema camera

By: SonyCine Team

Today, Sony released a new firmware update for the VENICE 2 camera. Version 3.00 adds new functions, including:

Added virtual production shooting support functions

  1. When shooting in an environment where background lighting from an LED wall used for in-camera VFX applications and real lighting are mixed, you can improve the color reproduction of human skin tones by setting the color temperature of the LED wall and the mixing ratio of the LED wall lighting and the actual lighting.
  2. When adjusting the genlock phase, the changed value is now reflected immediately. This makes for easy adjustment of the imaging phase relative to the panel light emission.


Enhanced functionality for live production

  1. When RM/RCP Paint Control is off (standard mode), you can now set whether to control the white balance function and shutter function from a remote control unit, such as the RM-B170.
  2. When RM/RCP Paint Control is on, the Look can now be selected as a LUT and applied to various video outputs. Use of User 3D LUT is also supported.
  3. Saturation and Skin Detail functions have been added. Configurable in the Paint menu when RM/RCP Paint Control is on.


Other improved functions

  1. An FPS value of 33.33 can now be set when Project Frame Rate is set to 24/25/50.
  2. Resolved flickering and stuttering issues on the viewfinder screen when Project Frame Rate is set to 23.98/24.00 and the frame rate is set to 60 FPS during variable speed shooting (FPS set to Variable).
  3. When the imager mode is 5.8K 17:9, Zoom to Fit can now be set to 2.39:1 when the de-squeeze ratio is set to 2.0×. This enables high frame rate (HFR) shooting up to 90 FPS even when shooting on the MPC-3628 with an anamorphic lens.
  4. Log(Legal) can now be selected as a LUT and applied to various video outputs. This setting enables S-Log3 data output in legal range to external editing equipment.
  5. Peaking display can now be turned on/off using an assignable button.
  6. ACES 1.0 Output-Rec.709 can now be selected as a LUT to apply to the Monitor output video and viewfinder screen video when Input Color Space is set to ACEScct.
  7. Display of a 2.2:1 aspect marker is now supported.
  8. File data saved in internal memory, such as passwords and User 3D LUTs, can now be reset together with the menu settings by executing Factory Reset in the Maintenance menu.

To download the new firmware, visit:


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