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05-18-2023 - Gear

New Sony VENICE 2 Recording Formats Chart Available

By: SonyCine Team

The Sony VENICE 2 provides filmmakers with exceptional flexibility and creative control with a variety of recording formats and frame rates. With SonyCine’s new VENICE 2 recording formats chart, we are putting all the imaging data at your fingertips.

This chart shows all full frame and Super 35 aspect ratios as well as image circles, frame rates, photosites, and dimensions for each of the VENICE 2’s 11 recording formats. It showcases how each format contributes to the needs of any filmmaking experience. The X-OCN codec delivers exceptional image quality while maintaining manageable file sizes, preserving the full dynamic range and color fidelity of the original sensor data, though filmmakers can still utilize the ProRes codec for a more compressed image format and streamlined workflow when working in Apple environments. Whether you prioritize image quality, efficiency, or post-production control, this chart provides all the information to prove that the Sony VENICE 2 will suit any filmmaker’s needs.

Download HERE.

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