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06-15-2022 - Gear, Technology

Shot on Sony: Dexterous Chapter 1: Ray Barbee by DP Ricki Bedenbaugh

By: SonyCine Team

Dexterous is a series of short stories, shot on the Sony FX9, created by cinematographer Ricki Bedenbaugh, showcasing human creativity. In this chapter, Ricki documents the life of skateboard legend Ray Barbee. As a creative, Barbee's pursued photography and music as diligently and effectively as he's changed the face of skateboarding. Ricki, a skateboarder himself, captures Ray’s approach to photography and the role of camera and lens as it relates to his work.


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Director/Camera/Editor - Ricki Bedenbaugh

2nd Camera - Ted Newsome

Colorist - Patrick Woodard

Shot on Sony FX9 & A7S

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