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05-06-2022 - Gear, Technology

Shot on VENICE 2: Cowboy Currency – Short Film Shot by DP Pete Konczal, ASC

By: SonyCine Team

Our friends at No Film School recently reviewed “Cowboy Currency,” one of the first short films shot on the new VENICE 2.

Here’s a glimpse of what they thought the film revealed about the new camera.

“Haze infiltrates a dank, crowded saloon. As far as westerns go, this set-up is classic beyond words. Our protagonist delivers a lusty soliloquy as we dolly in slowly. It's a powerful oner, the perfect way to open into this nail-biting scene.”

“The dynamic range of this shot is already beyond the capabilities of many other cameras of this class. It's finessed into a scene that feels totally engrossing, all playing into the intrigue of the main character.”

Cowboy Currency was produced by Aether Films, directed by Jonny Mass and shot by DP Pete Konczal, ASC.


See the full post here on No Film School.

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