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11-26-2019 - Gear, Technology

Sony AXS-AR1 Firmware Update - Do This Now

By: SonyCine Team

This firmware update fixes a data corruption issue that could occur with concurrent read cycles from the AXS memory card.

Upgrade procedure is also detailed in the AXSM Drive Utility help file.

AXS-AR1 upgrade procedure

  1. Download AXS-AR1 upgrade file AXS-AR1-FW_01_02_511.bin to Mac computer.

  2. Connect AXS-AR1 to Mac computer using TB2 cable.

  3. Open AXSM Drive Utility.

  4. Insert AXS card into AXS-AR1.

  5. Select AXS-AR1 and click on Firmware Update.

  6. Firmware Update window will appear. Browse to location where file AXS-AR1-FW_01_02_511.bin is located and click Update.

  7. Upgrade process typically takes under one minute to complete.

  8. After update completed remove and reconnect the TB2 cable. Confirm that the AXS-AR1 functions correctly.

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