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SONY VENICE Firmware V6.00 Officially Released

By: SonyCine Team

SONY is pleased to announce that VENICE V6.00 has been officially released. Please use the download link to access the files. V6.0 will also be available on https://www.sony.com/VENICE starting Dec 15th 2020.


Download link:  https://pro.sony/ue_US/support-resources/venice/software/00255311

Password:  VeNiCe_V6.0

NOTE: As with the previous releases DO NOT INSTALL THIS FIRMWARE ON A V3.0 VENICE. The camera must already be at V4.0 or higher prior to installation.


Download files contain the following:

  • VENICE (MPC-3610) V6.0 firmware
    • Operation manual.
    • Install manual
    • Release notes
  • AXS-R7 V6.0 firmware
    • Update manual
    • Release notes
  • RAW Viewer V3.5


If support is required with the upgrade please contact our support group:

Sony Operational NOC



Please check https://sonycine.com for updates.



Newly introduced frame rates in V6.0 highlighted in red

HFR capabilities

  • 5.7K 16:9 max. 72fps
  • 4K 6:5 max. 72fps
  • 3.8K 16:9 max. 110fps


Support for FUJINON Premista series ZEISS eXtended Data

Shooting functions

  • Gyro information in metadata
  • Support FUJINON Premista series ZEISS eXtended Data

3D LUT support for VF

Monitor Out Functions

  • 3D LUT adaptation to VF
  • New ART (Advanced Rendering Transform) file import
  • SDI 1-4 3G-SDI Level A/B switchable

New frameline options

New features and improvements


Shooting assist functions

  • Second user frame line
  • 9:16 and 1:1 preset frame line
  • REC beep and alarm volume can be adjusted individually
  • Maintain CamID+Reel# when loading ALL File
  • Display Genlock and TC lock status on OSD
  • De-squeeze on/off by USER button
  • RCP Call function 

On December 15th we will release V6 firmware on our global website https://www.sony.com/venice


At this time we will also release the initial TECHNICOLOR look library for VENICE utilizing our ART (Advanced Rendering Transform) technology.


Please check https://sonycine.com for updates.

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