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02-04-2021 - Gear, Technology, News

SONY VENICE V6.01 Firmware Released

By: SonyCine Team

SONY is pleased to announce that firmware update VENICE V6.01 has been officially released. During our ongoing QC process we experienced a very rare occurrence of the CineAlta logo screen freezing during power on initialization. A simple power off/on recycle would resolve the issue. This problem is now fixed in V6.01.


There are no new features added to this release.


V6.01 firmware is available for download from


NOTE: As with the previous releases DO NOT INSTALL THIS FIRMWARE ON A V3.0 VENICE. The camera must already be at V4.0 or higher prior to installation.


Download files contain the following:

  • VENICE (MPC-3610) V6.01 firmware
    • Update manual
    • Release notes
    • MD5 checksum


If support is required with the upgrade please contact our support group:

Sony Operational NOC


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