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08-23-2022 - Gear, Technology, News

VENICE 2 Enhancements – Firmware Update Version 1.10 Released

By: SonyCine Team

Sony has released a new firmware update for the VENICE 2 motion picture camera. See below for a description of features and the link for download.

Major Functions Updated in Version 1.10


Viewfinder video display enhancements:

  • Improvements to viewfinder operation to provide for smoother video display when shooting in variable-speed mode at frame rates of 66 FPS or higher. 


Recording metadata corrections:

  • Corrected the horizontal display offset metadata when in 5.4K 16:9 (8K sensor operation) mode. 

  • Corrected invalid metadata values that could occur with HFR recordings when using lens with extended metadata support.


Download link:


Contents of folder:



MPC-3628_3626_V110_firmware.bin (Update System Firmware File)

MPC-3628_3626_V110_firmware.md5 (Firmware Hash Data)*

MPC-3628_3626_V110_Readme.txt (Contents List)


*md5_Hash Data: Data to check that the downloaded file is correct. It is not used for updating.


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