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02-10-2022 - Gear, Technology

VENICE 2 Media Requirement Table - Resolution / Frame Rate / Codec Record Times

By: SonyCine Team

With the introduction of the new VENICE 2 motion picture camera, Sony also released a new media card, the AXS 1TB S66, which is able to accommodate the higher data rates of the new camera when recording in some resolution / frame rate / codec combinations.


This table details when the new S66 media, the white card, is required for VENICE 2 8K.

Note: There are six codec / resolution / frame rate combinations that exceed the S48 write speed and require S66 media to be used. These are:


8.6K 3:2   @ 23.98           X-OCN XT

8.6K 3:2   @ 24                X-OCN XT

8.6K 3:2   @ 25                X-OCN XT

8.6K 3:2   @ 29.97           X-OCN XT

8.2K 17:9 @ 50                X-OCN ST

8.2K 17:9 @ 59.94           X-OCN ST

7.6K 16:9 @ 50                X-OCN ST

7.6K 16:9 @ 59.94           X-OCN ST

5.8K 6:5   @ 47.95           X-OCN XT


All other recording modes can be supported with S48 media. Of course, record times are halved when using 512GB S48 compared to 1TB S66. If 1TB S48 media is used, then record times match 1TB S66.


Note: There are also some modes that even the new S66 card cannot support. In these cases, recording codec will be limited to X-OCN ST or X-OCN LT.


For more information, see our RESOURCES PAGE, VENICE 2 Record Times, where you can download a full-size PDF of this table.

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