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05-21-2024 - Case Study

VIDEO: Recreating the look of The Creator

By: SonyCine Team

Director Gareth Edwards inspired Hollywood with his 2023 hit sci-fi action film, The Creator. The film brought together an original IP, was filmed in 80 locations with stunning VFX, and was all done on a microbudget—at least by Hollywood standards.

The film is set in the future during a war between humans and robots with artificial intelligence; a former soldier finds the secret weapon, a robot in the form of a young child.  

The film's camera choice surprised camera fans. The film was shot entirely on the Sony FX3, a full-frame compact digital cinema camera with just a $4000 price tag. We caught up with the film's co-director of Photography, Oren Soffer, to learn more about what went into the look of the film. From the camera settings, the camera set up, and the lighting techniques used, Soffer shares more about the film, which inspired audiences worldwide.  

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