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07-26-2021 - Case Study, Gear, Technology

The Cinematography of Black Widow – Shot on VENICE – A Podcast with DP Gabriel Beristain

By: Jeff Berlin

Following up our two-part interview with Marvel’s Black Widow DP Gabriel Beristain, available HERE (Part 1) and HERE (Part 2), we thought we’d continue the conversation with this podcast published in collaboration with Ben Consoli and the Go Creative Show.


See the podcast embedded in the video above, or to listen to it click the link below.

Black Widow marks the return of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Cinematographer Gabriel Beristain ASC BSC comes on to explain his filmmaking philosophy of treating the camera like a character.

Beristain and Go Creative Show hostBen Consoli, discuss the visual references of the film, why Gabriel always used three cameras on set, not being ashamed of relying on filmmaking fundamentals, and more.

What you will learn in this episode:


  • Intro (00:00)
  • Responding to movie critiques (01:12)
  • Visual references for BLACK WIDOW (04:36)
  • The camera being a character (10:57)
  • 3 camera setup on set (18:35)
  • Not be ashamed to use filmmaking fundamentals (26:44)
  • Shooting on the Sony Venice (33:32)
  • Filming car chase scenes (38:23)
  • Challenges on set of BLACK WIDOW (43:39)
  • Lessons learned as a cinematographer (53:01)
  • And more!


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