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10-20-2021 - Gear, News

Ozark Season 4 – Shot on VENICE – Netflix Drops Trailer and Release Date

By: SonyCine Team

Netflix has set the Ozark season 4 release date Friday, January 21, 2022.


As reported in our previous post, season 4 will release in two parts and run a total of 14 episodes, with both parts of the season airing within the year.

DP Ben Kutchins

Earlier this year, The ASC hosted a Clubhouse Conversation with the DP Armando Salas, ASC discussing his work on Ozark.




And above is another video produced by Sony featuring Ozark DP Ben Kutchins discussing his experiences shooting Season 3 of Ozark on VENICE with the Rialto extension system. Lenses used on Ozark are Leica R and Summicron-C.

DP Armando Salas, ASC

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